Teak, Clove + Cardamom
Soy wax is the perfect natural material to scent with fragrant teakwood and layered spices like cardamom and cloves
Teak, Clove + Cardamom

Teak, Clove + Cardamom

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The Scent: 
Our candles are for everyone, but we’re often told this is a real ‘boys’ scent.
Exotic and masculine, teakwood and smokey cardamom blend with cinnamon and clove, settling on a base of amber, cedar & sandalwood.
How we enjoy this scent: 

The suggestion of smoke in this fragrance helps to clear the mind from distraction, so it’s a great companion for working at home. 

The woody spices add a comforting warmth to a chilled night in - the glass of Malbec is optional.

Burn Time:

25 - 30hrs 


Trim wick to 5mm before every use, and allow burn pool to reach full jar width before extinguishing.