Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential Oil Diffusers

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We reinterpreted our leafy candle scents into a range of Essential Oil diffusers - perfect for adding a subtle, constant blend to a room.


The Scents:

Smoked Cedar + Vetiver

Smokey + Dark. A burnt woody aroma with verdant earthy notes. Pair with our Teak, Clove + Cardamon soy candle.

Blood Orange + Mandarin

Bright + Honeyed. Diffusive citrus notes with a twist of mandarin and coriander. Pair with our Orange Peel + Ginger soy candle.

Fig, Fern + Moss

Leafy + Sweet. Subtle yet deliberate green leaves with a fruity twist. Pair with our Clary Sage + Coriander soy candle.

Green Leaves + Oak

Light + Verdant. Oak bark rests on a leafy green base. Pair with our Cedarwood + Juniper soy candle.

Basil, Sage Leaf + Thyme

Herby + Complex. A layere, earthy blend. Crushed basil, sage leaves + thyme. Pair with our Tomato Leaf + Basil soy candle.



Simply pop in the fibre reeds and the fragrance will begin to suffuse. It's a good idea to flip the reeds every few weeks.

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